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The Ultimate All-Natural Apple & Grape Skin (Acute Polyphenol) Supplement

Some of OxySpark's Powerful Immune System Support Ingredients Explained in Research


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You may have noticed there's a lot demand for supplements that may have anti-viral properties such as  zinc and Vitamin C.  Along with cold medicine, bottled water, canned goods, dried storage foods and even toilet paper these products are and have been in high demand..


This demand has also placed pressure on our OxySpark inventory due to some of its immune system support ingredients that have been shown in some studies to have anti-viral properties.


If you're not aware of some of OxySpark's reported immune system support ingredients here's a summary with research citations.


By No Means Are We Suggesting That OxySpark is an Anti-Viral Supplement. We're Simply Sharing the Latest Research on Some of OxySpark's Ingredients That, According to Research,  May Have Immune System Support Properties.

OxySpark Increases Nitric Oxide (NO) Production by 24% and Circulation by 50%.
Increased NO May Inhibit the Replication of Influenza Viruses.


NO has been shown to exert antiviral activity against a number of different viruses. Research shows that NO may paralyze the “protease” enzyme found in a number of viruses. This enzyme breaks down large proteins into small parts that are used in the production of new viruses. NO may cause this enzyme to not work and may prevent the virus from multiplying. Does Nitric Oxide Play a Critical Role in Viral Infections? Journal of Virol.ogy 1998 Jun; Carol Shoshkes Reiss & Takashi Komatsu



In addition, upon infection with influenza viruses, patients develop a cytokine (inflammatory protein) response in the airway (the passage by which air reaches a person's lungs).  These cytokines trigger the production of NO in the airway to fight off these cytokines. 

When NO is depleted up to 85% due to the due to the aging process, the immune system's ability to defend against the viral cytokines may be greatly inhibited/impaired and influenza symptoms may be greatly accelerated.




"NO (inhibits the replication of influenza viruses, probably during the early steps of the virus 
           replication cycle, involving the synthesis of viral RNA and mRNA encoding viral proteins


"The production of NO after stimulation with cytokines provides an antiviral effect. The release of NO

in the  airway would reduce the primary replication of influenza viruses before other mechanisms of

the immune system are activated to control and clear the infection." Inhibition of Influenza Virus Replication

by Nitric Oxide. International Congress Series,  Authors: G.FRimmelzwaan, MBaars, R.A.MFouchier, A.D.M. Osterhaus

OxySpark's Grape Skin-Derived Acute Polyphenols

(Highly Concentrated Resveratols) May Inhibit the Flu Virus


One of the active agents in OxySpark is acute polyphenols extracted from the skin of a unique variety of grapes grown only in the Normandy region of Southern France. Also,  known as highly concentrated resveratrol, these polyphenols may inhibit the reproduction of influenza viruses.


Rather than directly attacking the flu virus itself, polyphenols may block host-cell functions that are essential for viral replication.


In an initial cell-culture experiment, treatment with the resveratrol polyphenol at 20 mcg/mL reduced flu virus replication 90%, and treatment with 40 mcg/mL blocked replication completely.


The researchers also tested the effects of starting resveratrol polyphenol treatment at different intervals after infecting cells with the virus. Treatment was most effective in reducing viral growth 87.5%


Resveratrol may interfere with the manufacture of proteins made late in the viral replication process, such as hemagglutinin, and limits the transport of viral ribonucleoproteins from the cell nucleus to the cytoplasm. The molecular mechanism for resveratrol's effects has to do with the inhibition of protein kinase C activity and its dependent pathways.


Acute resveratrol polyphenols may inhibit the replication of influenza A virus without producing any significant toxicity.


"Compared with existing anti-flu drugs, resveratrol would be less likely to induce resistance by

flu viruses, and it would probably be effective for all types and strains of flu virus." Inhibition of Influenza

A Virus Replication by Resveratrol. Journal of Infectious Diseases, Authors: Palamara AT, Nencioni L, Aquilano K, et al,

OxySpark's Grape Skin & Apple Skin Derived "Quercetins"

 May Inhibit the Flu Virus from Binding to Healthy Cells and Replicating


The highly-concentrated acute polyphenols extracted from the skins of apples and grapes used in OxySpark are rich in quercetin. Quercetin has been linked to: reduced inflammation; increased NO production and circulation; lower blood pressure; and lower blood sugar & hemoglobin A1c levels.


A protein attached to the influenza virus called "hemagglutinin" plays a crucial role in the initial stage of influenza virus infection.


Hemagglutinin is an glycoprotein found on the surface of the influenza viruses. It is responsible for binding the virus to the cell that is being infected.


The research cited below found that quercetin may inhibit hemagglutinin binding and  influenza infection with a wide spectrum of flu strains including Influenza H1N1, H3N2 and H5N1. The COVID-19 virus is too new to be the subject of quercetin research.




The study indicates that "quercetin shows inhibitory activity in the early stage of influenza infection and provides a therapeutic option

to develop effective, safe and affordable natural products for the treatment and prophylaxis of a variety of influenza infections."

"Nature Nominee Quercetin's Anti-Influenza Combat Strategy." Review of Medical Virology, 2017, 27, Authors: Enkhtaivan Gansukh, Manikandan Muthu, Diby Paul,  Gopal Ethiraj, Sechul Chun, Judy Gopal.


OxySpark is rich in highly concentrated quercetin extracted from

the skins of a unqiue variety of quercetin-potent apples and grapes grown in Southern France.

Other Significant OxySpark Nutrients Reported to Have Immune Support Properties

Each serving of OxySpark contains 5,000iu of Vitamin D3. "Cell culture experiments support the thesis that vitamin D has direct anti-viral effects particularly against enveloped viruses . . .  its anti-viral effect may be linked to vitamin D’s ability to up-regulate the anti-microbial peptides LL-37 and human beta defensin 2.  "Vitamin D and the Anti-Viral State." Journal of  Clinical Virology. 2011 March; Authors: Jeremy A. Beard,b Allison Bearden, and Rob Strikera,


Each serving of OxySpark contains Vitamin C (120mg). "Vitamin C has beneficial immunomodulating properties in patients with viral infections, predominantly by increasing the production of α/β interferons and downregulating the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines  " The Antiviral Properties of Vitamin C, " Expert Review of Anti-infective Therapy, (2020) 18:2, Authors: Ruben Manuel Luciano Colunga Biancatelli, Max Berrill & Paul E. Marik


Each serving of OxySpark contains Zinc (20mg). "An abundance of evidence has accumulated over the past 50 years to demonstrate the antiviral activity of zinc against a variety of viruses, and via numerous mechanisms.  "

"The Role of Zinc in Antiviral Immunity."  Advances in Nutrition 10(4):696-710 · July 2019. Authors: Scott Read, Stephanie Obeid, Chantelle Ahlenstiel, Golo Ahlenstiel



Proprietary Blend: CoQ10, Beet Root Extract, Astrigin, Pine Bark Extract

Each of the above ingredients that are proprietarily blended with OxySpark's acute polyphenols (extracted from unique varieties of of French apple and grape skins) individually may stimulate the immune system.

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